Watermelon Avocado Toast

Watermelon Avocado Toast - - watermelon (cubed), avocado, toast, feta cheese, lemon juice, salt, balsamic glaze, Carefully cut avocado in half and save the half with the pit for another day (put some lemon juice on it to keep from browning). Scoop out the avocado into a bowl and mash with a fork.; Add lemon, [...]

Watermelon Avocado Toast2020-04-24T10:32:56-04:00

Citrus Salad

Citrus Salad - - orange, grapefruit, romaine head, avocado , chopped basil, Shallot Dressing: 1 tsp chopped shallot; 1 Tbsp fresh orange juice; 1 Tbsp fresh grapefruit juice; 1/2 tsp honey; 4 Tbsp olive oil; Carefully using a knife cut off ends of the orange and peel the skin off. Cut the segments out, place [...]

Citrus Salad2020-03-27T10:00:35-04:00
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